pick the perfect yoga mat

one of the beautiful things about a yoga practice is, that you really don't need too much equipment. it easy of course to get a bit carried away and spend quite a lot on new yoga pants and tops, essentials oils and a pretty yoga mat holder. you don't really need any of that though.

however, one think i DO always recommend, especially for beginners, is to get a nice grippy mat. if you have ever used a mat that made you cling on for dear life in your downward facing dog, then you might know what I'm talking about. i get such slippery hands too, and really dislike practicing on anything that's not listed below.

it's truly amazing what big difference a grippy mat can make to your practice, so go ahead and give one of these a try.

and don't worry, you can either pick all of these up around london or order for next day delivery. i'm your instant gratification (and no import tax please) kinda girl!



the reversible mat 3mm


this mat is such a great all-rounder! it's super grippy, it is light enough to carry around and yet has a bit of cushioning for your knees, and is also quite afforable.

it also comes in two other varieties, the travel mat and the thicker 5mm version.

if you prefer to carry your mat around and layer it on top of a studio mat, then go for the travel one (£38) or if you will be using it at home and you want more cushioning, opt for the thicker one (£58). the material is the same, so you will get the same great performance no matter which one you are going for.

i've purchased multiple ones of these over the years and it's the mat i practice on the most.


b yoga

4mm mat


i also practice on this mat and love it! it's grippy but with a lovely natural rubber texture, which makes it just a tad bit less sticky than the lululemon mat. i find it gets even more grippy with time and makes jumping around on your mat that little bit easier.

it comes in some gorgeous colours and really is that mat that you buy one day and love for the rest of time! i own the 4mm one, and find it's light and easy to carry around.

it's a bit of a higher price point, but if you like the idea of natural materials and an open-cell texture, go for this one.



yoga mat plus carrier


this mat is a bit of a splurge! i've purchased one before and really liked practicing on it. the texture is very similar to the lululemon mat, although this one is made from natural rubber and also has the lovely guidance lines. the centre line is the most helpful of them and if you find yourself a bit confused in your standing poses then this one might be the one for you. it also comes in a handy mat carrier, which is a nice add-on.

ps. none of these are sponsored, i have tried and tested these all mysefl!